Double Happiness Studio MH

We are Paul & Claire and together we are Double Happiness Studio in Market Harborough (MH), Leicestershire (Google Maps).

Photo: Paul & Claire - Double Happiness Studio Market Harborough
Claire & Paul – Double Happiness Studio MH

We celebrate the art of Chinese Brush Painting, both traditional and contemporary forms. We will be sharing our love of this art as we develop our website. To read more about us see here for our profiles.

Chinese Brush Painting

Dating back many thousands of years, with its roots in the brush strokes of Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Brush Painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world.

It takes time to master the skills and techniques required to capture the life and spirit within a painting, making it live through the brush of the painter and the eyes of the viewer.

We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you to this fascinating art, or, if you are already a fan, to take you further along the road…

Paul teaching Seacapes at Blakeney
Paul teaching Seacapes at Blakeney

For more information on Chinese Brush Painting in the UK see the National Chinese Brush Painting Society website.

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