Leics Chinese Brush Painters

The LCBP group meets monthly at the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens in Oadby, Leicester

2023-05 Botanic gardens 2
2023-05 Botanic gardens in full bloom

Summer 2023 workshops

We have a slightly smaller venue in the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens compared to previous years, and, therefore, a slightly reduced capacity. However, the room is light and airy and works extremely well for our needs. The workshop dates below are now available for booking. Priority will be given to those who have booked and paid in advance.

  • Saturday 15 April: Figures: Buddhas/Bodhisattvas
  • Saturday 27 May: Summer Trees (Fully Booked)
  • Saturday 10 June: Contemporary Summer Landscape with Claire
  • Saturday 08 July: Subject tbc

Winter/Spring 2023 workshops

  • Saturday 21 January: Plum Blossom in the moon (Chinese New Year) (Fully Booked)
  • Saturday 11 February: Birds – Red Cranes
  • Saturday 18 March: Spring Landscape (Fully Booked)

Autumn 2022 workshops

  • Saturday 01 October: Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival (Fully Booked)
  • Saturday 12 November: Animals – Rabbits/Hares
  • Saturday 03 December: Birds – Three French Hens

Summer 2022 workshops

  • Saturday 07 May: Blossom in the Botanic Gardens
  • Saturday 11 June: Large-leaved plants in the Botanic Gardens i.e. Gunnera, Lotus etc…
  • Saturday 09 July: Tigers with Claire

Winter/Spring 2022 workshops

  • Saturday 08 January: (CANCELLED due to COVID-19)
  • Saturday 05 February: Chinese Dragons
  • Saturday 12 March: Bird principles
  • Saturday 09 April: Spring Landscape

Autumn 2021 workshops

  • Saturday 13 November: Autumn Trees
  • Saturday 11 December: Trees and Water

Winter/Spring 2020 workshops

  • Saturday 11 January: Calligraphy – signing and dating your painting (resource links included)
  • Saturday 08 February: Fish – Coloured carp for new year (blog post)
  • Saturday 07 March: Animals – Hares (blog post)
  • Saturday 04 April: Landscape (CANCELLED due to COVID-19)

Autumn 2019 workshops

Claire demonstrating Rats in the Botanic Gardens 2019
  • Saturday 7th December: Animals – Camels not kings!
  • Saturday 7th November: Flowers – Poppies
  • Saturday 12th October: Figures – Goddesses & Demons…
  • Saturday 7th September: Rats & Rodents – the next Chinese New Year zodiac animal (blog post).

This last ensured we were ready to send our own Chinese New Year cards or paintings in 2020! To see how it went take a look at our Rats in the garden Blog post

Summer 2019 workshops

  • Saturday 11 May: Birds – Weavers
  • Saturday 08 June: Blue Green Landscape 1
  • Saturday 13 July: Blue Green Landscape 2

Winter/Spring 2019 workshops

  • Saturday 12 January: Animals – Deer
  • Saturday 09 February: Goldfish
  • Saturday 09 March: Birds – Cormorants
  • Saturday 13 April: Butterflies with Grape Hyacinth
Paul teaching Geese at LBCP, Oadby 20 October 2018
Paul teaching Geese at LBCP, Oadby 20 October 2018

Interested in joining us? Please contact Claire by e-mail via: clscbp@googlemail.com or Paul by e-mail via: pmcbp1@gmail.com

Our sessions run from 09:45am – 4pm with most people arriving about 9.15am to set up and start the day with some gentle qigong exercises.

The group has been running now for over 20 years and was founded by Judith Watson and Di Morte as the ‘Leicestershire Traditional Chinese Brush Painters’. For 2020 we removed the ‘Traditional’ from our name to recognise the fact that we now embrace all Chinese Art whether Traditional, Contemporary or Modern.

Our tutors, Paul Maslowski and Claire Seaton cater for experienced painters right through to complete beginners. Our friendly group of like minded people meet in a relaxed environment to expand our knowledge of Chinese Brush Painting.

Contact Information & Data Protection

Contact information that is recorded following contact, is required by the LCBP Organisers to inform LCBP members of meetings, send out notices etc.

This data will only be used for the efficient running of LCBP and will not be shared with any person or agency outside LCBP.

See here to read our LCBP group Data Protection Policy.

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