Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy (shūfǎ) is very much at the heart of Chinese Culture and, therefore, the root of Chinese Brush Painting. It is worth investing time to study this art form in and of itself in order to improve your Chinese Brush painting technique…

Please note that, as above, we aim to provide the pinyin in brackets alongside any Chinese characters so that you are able to say the character as well as write it e.g. the character for the number 1 (yī).

Regular Script (kǎi shū)

One through to thirty one, a thousand

Dating paintings
How to write the date on your paintings

Writing the seasons, 5 elements and zodiac animals

Signing your painting
How to sign your painting

Strokes & Stroke order
The eight standard strokes in the character eternity (yǒng)

Other Calligraphy Styles

Seal Script
Split into large (Dà zhuàn shū) and small (Xiǎo zhuàn shū) styles, Seal Script was originally carved on stone…

Official Script
Lì shū, also known as Clerical Script was used by officials, scholars and monks…

Cursive Script
Cǎo shū (also known as grass script)

Running Script
Xíng shū (also known as semi-cursive script)

A Chinese Calligraphy resource on texts is available on this link.

This resource will develop as we seek to share our love of Chinese Calligraphy. Any opinions expressed regarding Chinese Calligraphy are those of the authors.

Any feedback is always gratefully received. Thank you

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