Paul Maslowski

Chinese Brush Painting (CBP) tutor and artist

Buddha Heart Mountain - Paul Maslowski 2007

I have always had an interest in oriental arts. However, it was not until 1996 when I saw someone demonstrating Chinese painting and Calligraphy at the Leicester Chinese Community Centre that I knew I had found what I was seeking. There was something in the movement that drew me and I simply had to do it! I began study in Chinese Brush in earnest.

As this interest grew I found myself incredibly fortunate in 1998 to be able to begin to study Chinese Calligraphy with a talented Taiwanese artist, Su-Liang Tseng, who was working on his PhD in Leicester, England.

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In 2000, Professor Tseng began to instruct me in Chinese Brush Painting as well as continuing to help me with Chinese Calligraphy. He also enthused me further about Chinese poetry and culture.

When he eventually returned to Taiwan I continued to study with tutors that he recommended. Following some further years of study I travelled to China and studied there. Then came travels to Taiwan and quite a few years of serious study and exhibitions.

I have since studied, and continue to study, Calligraphy and Painting with Taiwanese, Chinese and European artists. I enjoy Chinese Brush Painting, Calligraphy, and writing poetry.

Su-Liang and I painting Landscapes at Sir Jonathan North
Su-Liang and I painting Landscapes at Sir Jonathan North

In 2003 my first international Chinese Brush Painting exhibition started in Taiwan before touring the world taking in the cities of Krakow, Paris and Houston among others. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 there were further exhibitions in Taiwan. In 2006 I was awarded Best Chinese Brush Painting in an English National competition. I have also received the album of my 4th International Chinese Brush Painting exhibition in Taiwan and Spain.

Paul playing the Er Hu

As a member of Leicestershire Traditional Chinese Brush Painters (LTCBP), now renamed as Leicestershire Chinese Brush Painters (LCBP) I exhibited works in March 2008 in Oadby, Leicestershire as well as giving a talk about CBP. As an honorary member of East Midlands Chinese Brush Painters I exhibited in West Bridgford, Notts during that year. As an honorary member of Grendon Brush Painters, I also exhibited in Wellingborough, Northants throughout July 2008. There was a further exhibition in Wollaston in August. In June 2009 I submitted paintings for the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Open Art show starting in Leicester and touring Hinckley, Oakham and Loughborough. In October & November of that year I displayed works as part of a further exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, organised by Professor Tseng.

In more recent years I have returned to basics in order to improve my core skills. I have also been honoured to be invited to exhibit at various Art Exhibitions as well as tutoring all sorts of subjects for painting groups studying Oriental and Western painting around the country.

I now take the chance to share this amazing art form whenever I can, whether this be in the form of workshops, demonstrations or presentations.

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