Running Script

The best example and model for xíng shū, all Chinese calligraphers will agree, is the Inscription on the Orchid Pavilion in the hand of Wang Xizhi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Calligraphy - Lanting Xu - attr Wang Xizhi 303-61
Calligraphy – Lanting Xu – Running Script – detail attributed to Wang Xizhi 303-61

Lanting Xu (Preface [written] at the Orchid Pavilion) in Running Script, detail of the first section attributed to Wang Xizhi (303-61AD)

To learn to write a good hand in Chinese calligraphy, assiduous and persevering practice is necessary. This has been borne out by the many great masters China has produced.

Wang Xizhi, who exerted a profound influence on, and has been held in high esteem by, calligraphers and scholars throughout history, is said to have blackened, in his childhood, all the water of a pond in front of his house by washing his writing implements in it after his daily exercises.

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