Calligraphy Resources

There are many resources which can support your study of Chinese Calligraphy. Obviously, the main point about choosing a text is that it is accessible by you at the time you need it. I would suggest that the study of Chinese Calligraphy is endlessly fascinating and can be a lifetimes work (as attested by a great many Chinese Calligraphers). This will mean that no one text will take you through from beginner to master. Having said that, a good foundation text will always be of assistance.

If you have navigated directly to this page please do look through the rest of our web resources on these pages: Chinese Calligraphy. Please let us know if there is something missing as we endeavour to provide a Chinese Calligraphy resource that is useful to all practitioners of the art.

The one thing that you will definitely need is a Chinese – English dictionary. Google Translate is very good and I use it for quick cross-checks but it does not include all Traditional characters at the moment. Give it long enough and I am sure that it will but for now a very comprehensive paper (or electronic) dictionary will always be of assistance.

A brief selection of useful Chinese Calligraphy texts:

Chinese Calligraphy (Standard script for beginners)Qu Lei Lei0-7141-2425-7The British Museum PressA slim and quick volume useful as a quick reference
The Simple Art of Chinese CalligraphyQu Lei Lei1-903116-49-XCico Books LtdA larger volume which includes some fun projects
The Complete Guide to Chinese CalligraphyQu Lei Lei978-1-904991-86-1Cico BooksA more comprehensive volume which goes into more detail along with showing the five major scripts
How to: Chinese Regular Script Calligraphy for BeginnersZong Jianye (Translated by Wen Jingen with Pauline Cherrett)978-7-119-04861-1Foreign Languages PressA comprehensive reference with lots of essential classics for the discerning practitioner

It is worth noting that when you join the Chinese Brush Painters Society, as of when I write this, a Calligraphy book is included as part of a years’ subscription.

Enjoy your Chinese Calligraphy practice and please post back any resources you find particularly useful.

Happy practicising