Spring Hares

Enjoying a great day painting Spring Hares in the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens with the LCBP Group. See below for some excellent student paintings…

Hare by Reg Robinson March 2020
Tiger Hare by Sue Smith March 2020

Thanks to Reg and Sue for adding their hares above. If you were there and wish to include your hare, please get in touch.

It seems only right to add my finished demonstration piece below so you can complete your hare study, if you have not already. I have added a few extra layers as you can see:

Spring Hare study by Paul Maslowski 2020
Spring Hare study by Paul Maslowski 2020

Should you wish to add the Chinese Calligraphy for Spring to your painting please take a look at our Seasons page.

You may wish to include the Calligraphy for Hare (tù) in your painting. This can be found on our Zodiac Animals Calligraphy page.

However, I thought it worth adding the different versions so that you can see the difference. See here for the traditional version on the left and the simplified version on the right:

Chinese Calligraphy - Hare - tu trad simple
Chinese Calligraphy – Hare – tu traditional & simplified

Well done everyone.


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