Tai Chi Painter – tips and techniques

Now, if you are anything like my Knuston students you will not like painting figures. This example contains so much chi it is exciting to paint. Energy flows through the folds of clothing to the end of the fingers and toes. . . and beyond.

  1. Before you start, mix at least 3 shades of dark, medium and light grey. With dry black ink and a fine-pointed wolf brush paint in the details of the face and hair.
  2. With a very dark and wet grey, enjoy the strokes of the clothes showing the pose of the painter.
  3. Use a medium/light grey to paint in outlines of arm and hands.
  4. Paint large sweeps of light grey ink to depict the flows of energy.
  5. Add skin colour, paintbrush, inkstones and other details.
  6. Finish painting with calligraphy and seal.


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