Trees & Temples

Today, Saturday 4 April 2020 I was due to lead a Landscape workshop for the LCBP group in the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens.

Looking back through my Landscape portfolio this week I discovered a demonstration piece I had done for a workshop back in October 2012. This was for the Trees & Temples workshop which took place at Oadby Beauchamp College.

It, therefore, seemed apposite to complete the piece and post it up here for the benefit of those to took part in the workshop so that they can dig out their old painting while those who joined us after 2012 can give it a go.

Pine Temple after 3 Zhengs by P Maslowski 2012 - 20
Pine Temple after 3 Zhengs by P Maslowski 2012 – 20

The original painting that this was based on was of the Shaolin Temple by the 3 Zhengs. Having found my demo piece I thought I would post it here so you can see the ink work before the colour went on…

Shaolin Temple demonstration by P Maslowski 2012

For those who are happy with their original composition you may want to have a bit of fun with the below photo of the Shaolin Temple gate which is the original inspiration. Please do post up your inspirations as I would love to see them.

Shaolin Temple gate, Dengfeng County, Zhengzhou, Henan

If you notice the board above the gate, it literally says in gold writing, sì lín shao (temple lin shao) i.e. Shaolin Temple

Happy painting


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