Iris & Butterfly

I have been working on some different paintings this week, lots of different subjects and styles. However, I thought I would post up another painting that I have finished off but which is not a Landscape. This is purely because the Irises are looking lovely this year and we have seen plenty of butterflies in the garden and I was reminded of a Summer school a couple of years ago…

This one is from two different demonstrations which came together. The first is an Iris from the 2018 Attenborough Arts Botanic Gardens Summer school. The second is a butterfly from an Insects workshop later that year.

Iris and Butterfly by Paul Maslowski 2018
Iris and Butterfly by Paul Maslowski 2018

For those who attended the workshops you will see that I have added Calligraphy to the painting. This is my signature next to the year, two thousand eighteen in what they call Cantonese style. The small title, at the bottom this time, is Iris flower.

Before I completed the Calligraphy I decided to add colour to the butterfly, oh yes…

I liked the original outlined butterfly that I demonstrated but in this painting a coloured butterfly improves the composition, unless, of course, you disagree…

Should you feel inspired to paint something from this please do post back on here as I would love to see it. Alternatively, you can post back on our Double Happiness MH Facebook page.

Best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Iris & Butterfly

    • Thanks for feeding back on this painting, Kim. If you have any further thoughts or paint some butterflies please do let me know. Thank you. Paul


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