Waiting for his master

I started this week by looking through my Animals portfolio. In this I found a demonstration piece that I think was done for a workshop in February 2018. This was nothing to do with animals as I have it down as a ‘back to basics with Trees’ workshop…

2 islands by Paul Maslowski 2018
2 islands by Paul Maslowski 2018

It was a quick demonstration of a couple of bare trees on two very small islands. From that start I have added shading to the trees and the islands as well as to the water. This is, therefore, a mix of traditional and contemporary:

Waiting for his master - detail - by Paul Maslowski 2018
Waiting for his master – detail – by Paul Maslowski 2018

I have also added a distant lake edge as well as the fisherman. Again, this was a challenge piece to take a demo and turn it into a composition. I could have stopped here, and although this tells us a certain tale, I wanted to expand a bit more of the story which led to a title change…

Waiting for his master by Paul Maslowski 2018
Waiting for his master by Paul Maslowski 2018

If you would like to see the above painting in more detail, please visit my Animals Portfolio.

I started by adding the dog in the bottom right hand corner which gave a diagonal composition.

It then seemed the right thing to add land so that the dog was waiting on the shore for his master. This seemed a bit bare so some darker details were added to key the front of the painting. It still seemed bare so as this is definitely a winter painting some dying water reeds were added in.

There was a lot of white in the whole picture so it became clear that I needed to do something about the sky as I did not want to add any detail to the far shore. I don’t think it is particularly clear in the photo but the sky was swiftly filled with a blue-grey wash.

Last to go in was the Calligraphy. First, the year, 2018 followed by my signature with a space for our studio seal…

You may wish to include the Calligraphy for Dog (gǒu) in your painting. This can be found on our Zodiac Animals Calligraphy page.

I appreciate you may have some totally different compositions from the tree island start which I would love to see. If you have stayed with a landscape it would be great to see what you have done…

Happy painting


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