The Rooster turns…

It’s definitely been an interesting week in lockdown! I, therefore, thought I would post this Bank Holiday as I continue working my way through half-finished paintings.

This time I was looking at more work from 2014 and came across a Rooster which I had painted. I don’t think I painted this one for a demo but rather think I may have painted it in the afternoon of a workshop. I liked the painting but wanted to complete it. There was also something about the Rooster’s tail which needed work although I liked the original painting:

The Rooster starts to turn by Paul Maslowski 2014
The Rooster starts to turn by Paul Maslowski 2014

If you would like to see the above painting in more detail, please visit my Birds Portfolio.

Back in 2014 I had added 3 bamboo stalks which I now added leaves to. The main reason for adding the bamboo into the picture is to bring in the qualities of the noble gentleman which the Rooster should represent.

This Rooster wants to be a wise and upstanding member of the community and this is enhanced by adding strong bamboo. This means that among other things the strokes must be strong and performed without any doubt. Any wavering or trepidation will immediately show and reflect poorly on the leadership qualities of this Rooster.

The tail of the Rooster was not bad but it was short and I felt that this needed work as a strong leader needs a strong and colourful tail. Again, the strokes of the feathers must be painted in one swift stroke.

I also added the suggestion of pine for longevity as I’m sure we all want our Rooster’s to live long happy lives…

Once I’d put the ground in, the Calligraphy and seal finished it off.

You may wish to include the Calligraphy for Rooster (jī) in your painting. This can be found on our Zodiac Animals Calligraphy page.

I hope you approve of the finished picture. Any questions or comments will be gratefully received.

Keep well, keep safe and Happy Painting,


PS Mike Garbett has kindly replied with his Roosters post below. Thank you for sharing, Mike:

Kings of the rock by Mike Garbett
Kings of the rock by Mike Garbett

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