CBP Challenge 6 & 7

It has been quite a while since we have updated the Blog. This hasn’t meant that we’ve not been painting. Far from it! It’s simply meant that we’ve been trying to spend less time on the computer and more time in the studio…

Challenges 6 & 7 have both been about working on Contemporary paintings and in particular have looked at the work of Wu Guanzhong who is a highly recognised contemporary artist in China. Challenge 6 was to take something of his and recreate it. Challenge 7 was then to move this on and paint something that we found in our area in his style.

One of the best pieces from the challenge is Claire’s plunge Waterfall. This embodies Wu’s style while also reflecting Claire’s own. Her painting is shown below:

Waterfall after Wu Guanzhong - Claire Seaton 2020
Waterfall after Wu Guanzhong – Claire Seaton 2020

This isn’t to say that there wasn’t some other wonderful work produced. There certainly was! If you have been inspired by Wu Guanzhong and wish to post up some of your responses to this challenge please let us know.

Happy painting,


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