Chinese Dragon symbolism

Chinese Dragons are the ultimate symbols of cosmic energy. The Dragon is said to be the most potent symbol of good fortune in the Chinese pantheon of symbols. As one of the four creatures of the world’s directions, the Azure Dragon of the East stands for new beginnings (the others are the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise (also called “Black Warrior”) of the North). The Dragon has the power to release water to parched lands which means it stands for abundance and relief. Continued success, high achievement, and prosperity are also listed among the Dragons arsenal of good qualities, which rank it one of the most popular of Chinese signs.

Dragon riding the clouds

Clouds are symbols of celestial mobility because many gods and immortals used clouds as vehicles on which they travelled. Arguably, the most famous is the Monkey King who could summon a cloud with a special whistle. Cloud is also considered a portent of good luck, carrying much needed rains that enable the growth of abundant crops. When clouds are combined with auspicious Chinese Dragons, this makes a perfect emblem to manifest positive effects in your life.

Dragon and pearl

A pearl is often depicted with a Chinese Dragon. The pearl is sometimes thought to represent the moon. In fact, one legend has it that some Dragons had become infatuated with the moon, and went insane trying to steal it from the sky. Other tales depict the pearl as an egg placed beneath the Dragons neck or chin. The Dragon is said to carry the egg away until it is ready to hatch. By far the most agreed upon tale is that the pearl represents the Dragon’s wisdom, hence the term: “pearls of wisdom”…

Dragon and Tiger

These two great forces of the universe reflect the primordial Yin and Yang of existence. To the Chinese, the Tiger is the emblem of dignity, and courage. This, combined with the abundance, luck, and Yang energy of the Chinese Dragon is a combination that is hard to beat.

Dragon with Phoenix

Together, the Dragon and Phoenix symbolise Yin and Yang i.e. perfect balance. Standing alone, each symbol is hugely powerful. Together they represent a powerful union of success, prosperity, friendship, love, and enlightenment. The union of these two highly symbolic creatures at wedding festivities suggests a match that is blessed with money and incredible luck. Furthermore, it denotes the beginning of a dynastic family with the Dragon symbolising the patriarch and the phoenix signifying the matriarch.

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