Misty Landscape

Since last weekend when I would have taken a Landscape workshop I have continued looking back through my Landscape portfolio. I have also been thinking about Yuan Dynasty landscapes and carried out a bit more research on this fascinating subject.

I discovered what I think was a demonstration piece for a workshop on Misty Landscapes back in the 2000’s.

As with last weekend’s work I thought it would be useful to complete the painting. See below:

Hidden village in mist by Paul Maslowski
Hidden village in mist after a Yuan Dynasty style by Paul Maslowski

In the workshop I demonstrated the three trees and foliage together with outlines for the rocks. Despite the colouring this is all shades of ink. I have, therefore, added the following to the above painting:

  1. more detail and contrast to the trees. In particular to make the main tree three dimensional
  2. some extra foliage of varying shades
  3. much more contrast into the tree roots
  4. detail on the rocks and contrasting ink strokes to make the rocks look three dimensional
  5. brought out the foreground and the detail of the river bank
  6. more detail on the far river banks
  7. more detail to the misty details across the trees
  8. added a distant rock and the village with the tower
  9. added all the cloud details
  10. signed and sealed the painting. Yes, I haven’t dated it as foolishly I don’t know when I started it which is a note to self!

This is painted on very thin single xuan paper which allows for better misty effects.

Please note: some of the crinkling is because of the thin paper. This will be removed once I back the painting!

Should this inspire you, please let me know how you get on with your Landscapes as I would love to hear what you are up to…


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