Kite over Aberdyfi

I was having a further look back through the archive and discovered a study of a tree that I had painted back in 2010. This was from the window of the cottage we were staying in at a farm near Aberdyfi, Wales and is fairly accurate of the tree. The rest of the elements are impressions from the time and place.

Part of wanting to finish this was the good memories the picture brought back but also the challenge of turning it into a full composition from just this one image. Looking back at the photos from that half-term holiday showed up some wonderful country side and lots of birds in the valley, especially Kites, which we saw a lot of. I did not adjust the tree in any way, just added all the other elements…

I was able to pin the image down to the 15th of February 2010 so this is what I dated it as, literally 2010 year, 2nd month, 15th day.

To learn more about dating paintings please see our Calligraphy pages:

Kite over Aberdyfi - P Maslowski 2010-02-15
Kite over Aberdyfi – Paul Maslowski 2010-02-15


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