Beautiful Wisteria

Claire & I were on our exercise walk earlier and saw so much beautiful Wisteria out that it reminded us of the fabulous workshop we were incredibly lucky to have, back in May 2018, with Jane Dwight.

Unfortunately this year we won’t get to see the Botanic Gardens Wisteria so I thought I’d post up a photo of that workshop when the Wisteria was just peaking:

LTCBP with Jane Dwight and Botanic Gardens Wisteria
LTCBP group with Jane Dwight and Wisteria in the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens c/o Mike

Jane lead a fantastic workshop and left us with some fabulous memories which are captured here c/o Mike Garbett:

Jane Dwight's Wisteria painting styles
Jane Dwight’s Wisteria painting styles c/o Mike

Happy memories of a wonderful workshop with an excellent artist who is sadly missed.

Again, if you are inspired please feel free to share your inspirations.

Happy painting,


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