2014 LTCBP Book

With this weekend starting with VE Day there has been a lot of reflecting on past glories. This has reminded me how grateful I am that we are so lucky to be socially isolating in such relative luxury compared to a lot of the worlds’ peoples.

Looking back I was reminded that in 2014 we were incredibly lucky that Mike Garbett took on a project for the LTCBP Group. Over the course of that year he gathered work from the group and produced a wonderful book, from which I reproduce a few images below:

2014 LTCBP Book cover
2014 LTCBP Book cover c/o Mike Garbett

It is a fabulous record of work created by our students, some of whom are no longer with us…

2014 LTCBP Book Lotus pages
2014 LTCBP Book Lotus pages c/o Mike Garbett

Thank you to everyone in the LTCBP Group who contributed to this record and to Mike for bringing it all together.

Keep well and Happy painting,


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