Attenborough Arts at Home

New Opportunities for Beginners who want to study Chinese Brush Painting

I have been asked a number of times ‘what have you been doing in lockdown?’. Basically, I have been using the extra time to sort out as much as possible from years of painting along with trying new things, some of which have now come to fruition…

I wanted to flag up a project that has now reached its conclusion and is looking excellent thanks to a wonderful team at the Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester.

Following the successful online Chinese Brush Painting (CBP) workshops around Chinese New Year 2021 I was invited to input into the Attenborough Arts at Home project.

The idea behind this was to create a complete package for absolute CBP beginners in order to give students access to the fascinating and fabulous art of Chinese Brush Painting.

Students can buy a beginners CBP kit which is available through the Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester. I was able to have input into the kit which is why I am happy to have my name attached to it. Over a period of time in the Spring I filmed a studio quality Introduction to CBP which has been edited and packaged so that when you buy the kit you also receive the film.

It would be the ideal start for anyone who has not had the chance to go through a formal introduction to the art of Chinese Brush Painting but is keen to see what all the fuss is about.

Should you, or any of your friends or students, take up this introduction do please let me know what you think and any thoughts about next steps as I am always keen to help make the art of Chinese Brush Painting accessible to all.

Happy Painting and all best wishes,


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