CBPS July 2021 Newsletter cover

Well, this morning I was very pleasantly surprised to discover the next edition of the Chinese Brush Painting Society Newsletter on my desk. It is always a joy to open and discover what’s in it – the CBPS Newsletter is one of a very few newsletters that actually still comes in the post, thank goodness. There on the front cover, was a painting I had a lot of fun with:

2021-07 CBPS Newsletter
Volume 34 July 2021 Issue 3 CBPS Newsletter cover

What was even better was when I opened it up and found an excellent display of Eagles and Birds of Prey. Definitely one of my favourite subjects to paint! Claire was in there too so it is well worth checking out. I won’t go into detail here, the rest is for you to discover…

Should you not be a member of the Chinese Brush Painters Society do sign up as there are 4 of these wonderful newsletters a year plus a calendar. There are also extra projects which make it more than worthwhile…

Hopefully, this will inspire you to paint some wonderful Birds of Prey. Should you get stuck do remember I have my Birds Portfolio which I hope will assist. Please do post back with any paintings you create from inspirations here…

Happy Painting,


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